Gender Assessment Tool for National HIV and TB Responses

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Stop TB Partnership and UNAIDS
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While the HIV epidemic still poses a significant public health and development burden, Tuberculosis (TB) also remains a major global health problem with an estimated 9.6 million people who developed TB and 1.5 million deaths from the disease in 2014. There is a strong relationship between HIV and TB infections, an estimated 1.1 million (13%) of the 9.6 million were HIV positive.1 According to WHO, people living with HIV are around 20-30 times more likely to develop TB than persons without HIV. TB is the most common presenting illness among people living with HIV, including those taking antiretroviral treatment and is the major cause of HIV-related death3. Most TB cases and deaths occur among men, but TB remains among the top three causes of death of women worldwide. There were an estimated 480 000 TB deaths among women in 20144, more than one third of whom were HIV-positive women.