Unite to end TB

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2016 marks the beginning of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) era. Ending the global tuberculosis (TB) epidemic is the goal of the World Health Organization’s End TB Strategy, and it is a SDG target for 2030.Ending TB is a development challenge and opportunity. It is about tackling poverty and inequity. Ministries of Health cannot do it alone. Ending TB and achieving the SDGs requires intensified action across government ministries, communities, the private sector and civil society. It will take health and socioeconomic interventions, along with research and innovation. Progress across the SDGs will be essential.

The following pages provide some highlights on how the Ministries of Health of the 30 highest TB burden countries, and their partners, are beginning to adopt, adapt and implement the End TB Strategy. These countries represent both those with the greatest absolute numbers of people falling ill each year with TB, and those with the highest burden per capita. All are pathfinders in moving forward to end TB by overcoming challenges and innovating to accelerate progress.This quick overview gives a sense of the efforts to shift gear and innovate. However, there are a host of huge challenges facing these high burden countries that restrict their efforts, including health system, human resource, and financial resource constraints.